Website Redesign Fundraiser

Our current website redesign fundraiser is underway. Here are a few things your help can impact:

1. An online repository of all literary events in the Inland Empire. Impact: Potentially enormous. It has been attempted but not fully achieved yet. With all events in one place and easy to sync, writers and audiences will be able to be more organised.

2. Community listings. Impact: Hosting exhaustive local listings of events and authors will generate creative work through commissions, and bolster the writing community.

3. Online Literary Marketplace. Impact: By selling the works of local authors, second hand books, downloadable content, and more, we will be able to sustain our organisation’s operations and inject that revenue back into the creative communities that need it.

There is more. But that’s a lot already. If you would like to see these things, follow this link and give what you can.


By donating to PoetrIE you are supporting the literary arts in this region!

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